Exhibiting the Global Post-2015 Twitter Conversation

By René Clausen Nielsen Sep 30, 2013
Global Pulse has partnered with the UN Millennium Campaign on a novel project that aims to shed insight on which Post-2015 relevant topics are talked most about by people on social media around the...
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Applying "Big Data" to Development: Revealing Initial Research Results

By Global Pulse Dec 7, 2011
As Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon noted in a briefing about Global Pulse to the UN General Assembly last month: “The private sector is analyzing this new data to understand its customers in real-time...

What do people talk about on World Aids Day? Part II

By Miguel Luengo-Oroz Dec 5, 2011
  This past Thursday, December 1, was World Aids Day - one of the most recognised international health days and a key opportunity to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of...

What do people talk about on World Aids Day?

By Eva Kaplan Dec 1, 2011
  In recognition of World AIDS Day, Global Pulse presents to you… World AIDS Day in the Twitterverse. In collaboration with our partners at Crimson Hexagon, Global Pulse has been looking at all...

Social Impact through Satellite Remote Sensing - Visualizing Acute and Chronic Crises beyond the Visible Spectrum

By Lela Prashad Nov 28, 2011
This post is part of a special Global Pulse Guest Blogger Series: “Data Mining for Development: Methodological Innovations & Challenges.” Lela Prashad is the Chief Technology Officer for NiJeL,...

Data Visualization Marathon: “How Might We Grow?”

By Miguel Luengo-Oroz Nov 22, 2011
  Part of Global Pulse’s work is to catalyze and encourage new methods and approaches for analyzing and using information and data. In a world where we are saturated with data, the skillsets of...

GUEST BLOGGER SERIES: Data Mining for Development

By Global Pulse Nov 10, 2011
  We are very pleased to announce the launch of our Guest Blog Series: “Data Mining for Development: Methodological Innovations and Challenges” The series will feature contributions from a...