Pulse Lab Kampala: New Year, New Projects

By by Paula Hidalgo-Sanchis Jan 25, 2015
 Gathering data to inform policies has traditionally been a complex, time consuming and expensive process, often requiring researchers to choose between in-depth studies of small population...
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“Research Bites” from KDD 2014: Data Science for Social Good

By Alex Rutherford Aug 22, 2014
This week Global Pulse’s research team will be geeking out at the 2014 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Conference (otherwise known as "KDD"), a conference which brings together...

Can Twitter data be used to track changing food commodity prices?

By Jong Gun Lee Aug 11, 2014
 Imagine going to your local shop today and finding out that the price of your favourite type of meat has suddenly gone up, or perhaps is on special offer. Would you tweet it to your followers...

Data Privacy Advisory Group: Call for Nominations

By Mila Romanoff Jul 28, 2014
  Global Pulse is establishing a Data Privacy Advisory Group. Comprised of experts from public and private sector, academia and civil society, the Group will engage in a continuous...

Interview: Telecom Italia's Big Data Challenge

By Anoush Tatevossian Jul 21, 2014
Telecom Italia's "Big Data Challenge" was an online call for developers, researchers and designers from all over the world to come up with new big data services and applications....

Promoting Better Use of Data in Uganda

By Jane Auma Jul 10, 2014
The relevance of data to enhance public service delivery cannot be overemphasized. Data is relevant for decision-making particularly with regards to defining needs, setting goals, planning...

Response to Big Data Climate Challenge shows momentum behind data-driven climate solutions

By Sara Cornish Jul 7, 2014
The Big Data Climate Challenge, hosted by Global Pulse in support of the Secretary-General’s 2014 Climate Summit, received submissions from 40 different countries at the close of the Call for...