36th International Conference of Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners: Recap & Reflections

By Mila Romanoff Oct 23, 2014
There is a wealth of data, or digital traces, being generated by people as they go about their daily lives in the 21st century - posting online, commenting on articles, making transactions, using...
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Using Digital Tools for Disease Surveillance: Mapping Innovations

By Sally Jackson May 12, 2014
 Can data innovation provide new insights into rabies and avian influenza outbreaks in Indonesia? This is what we are currently exploring at Pulse Lab Jakarta together with the Food and...

Big Data Climate Challenge Launches

By Sara Cornish May 1, 2014
"Big Data Climate Challenge" launches, as part of Secretary-General's 2014 Climate Summit Global Pulse is pleased to launch the Big Data Climate Challenge with the Secretary-...

Interview with organizer of #HackJak: a hackathon in Jakarta Indonesia

By Tanti Liesman Apr 25, 2014
The #HackJak hackathon, happening this weekend, is the first of this type of event using data opened up by the Local Government of Jakarta. The hackathon is in collaboration with Southeast Asia...

Combining "Big" and "Small" Data to Build Urban Resilience in Jakarta

By Giulio Quaggiotto Apr 9, 2014
Interview with Etienne Turpin and Tomas Holderness, directors of The SMART Infrastructure Facility project aims to help communities tackle the chronic...

Thoughts on the Google Flu Trends debate

By Alex Rutherford Apr 3, 2014
 Back in 2008 launched Google Flu Trends, a tool which used records of the number of times Google search engine users searched for certain terms, to predict outbreaks of the flu. This...

How our Data Scientists Work with Academia

By Alex Rutherford Mar 26, 2014
In my role as a data scientist at Global Pulse, working in the field of big data for public good, it's important for me to exchange ideas with the academic community and gain fresh knowledge from...