Can Twitter data be used to track changing food commodity prices?

By Jong Gun Lee Aug 11, 2014
 Imagine going to your local shop today and finding out that the price of your favourite type of meat has suddenly gone up, or perhaps is on special offer. Would you tweet it to your followers...
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Discovering Global Socio Economic Trends Hidden in Big Data

By Giselle Lopez and Wayne St. Amand Jul 15, 2012
  This guest blog post was produced by Giselle Lopez and Wayne St. Amand of Crimson Hexagon. Global Pulse worked with Crimson Hexagon on a project exploring Twitter and Perceptions of Crisis...

“Data for Development” – An Open (Mobile) Data Challenge

By Global Pulse Jul 12, 2012
  Calling all researchers! “Data for Development” – an unprecedented open data challenge led by global telecommunications company France Telecom-Orange, in partnership with GSMA Development Fund...

Open Innovation at the UN: an interview with a Global Pulse data scientist

By Global Pulse Jun 30, 2012
In late 2011, Global Pulse completed a series of collaborative research projects exploring the utility of various new, digital data sources to answer traditional development related questions ("proof...

"Big Data for Development: Opportunities & Challenges”: A Global Pulse White Paper

By Global Pulse May 29, 2012
Global Pulse is pleased to publish a new White Paper, entitled “Big Data for Development: Opportunities & Challenges.”Innovations in technology and greater affordability of digital...

RIVAF Report on Vulnerability & Real-Time Information

By Anoush Rima Tatevossian Apr 3, 2012
 We are pleased to make available this RIVAF compilation report, which chronicles the Rapid Impact and Vulnerability Analysis Fund (RIVAF) process.To get a cross-sectoral understanding of how...

Can a country's online "mood" predict unemployment spikes?

By Global Pulse Mar 15, 2012
  This week, our partners from SAS released a press release summarizing the findings from our collaborative research project, in which we worked together to investigate whether there are useful...