Data for Climate Action

Join “Data for Climate Action” – an open innovation challenge to channel big data for climate solutions

Data for Climate Action aims to join up and leverage big data from the private sector to identify revolutionary new approaches to climate mitigation and adaptation. Datasets from multiple countries and industries will be made available to research teams around the world, who will work with these data to identify innovative climate solutions.

We invite companies to join the campaign, and to commit to share data in acts of “data philanthropy.”

Now is the time to use big data to fight climate change

The impacts of climate change are accelerating, and the need for effective solutions is urgent. Meanwhile, a global “data revolution” is unfolding. More data is being generated now than ever before, offering unprecedented opportunities for the private sector to promote climate innovation and influence decision-making on a global level by providing data to vetted researchers to analyze for the public good. Analyzing anonymised, aggregated data from digital data sources such as mobile phones and bank transactions can provide valuable insights on human behavior and climate risk.

Data for Climate Action will build momentum around public-private data sharing (building on previous challenges, including Orange telecom's "D4D Challenge" and the ‘Big Data Climate Challenge’ hosted in support of the Climate Summit in 2014), revealing the shared value of data philanthropy for climate action.

Join the coalition of data partners

To achieve truly global impact, a variety of companies must anonymized, aggregated datasets available. Examples of particularly pertinent datasets include: 3-6 months of aggregated mobile activity between antennas in province or region, anonymized retail data before and after a flood, aggregated transaction data from a bank from a time-period surrounding a hurricane, electricity usage data from a city’s transit system during the months of a drought.