What is Global Pulse and how does it operate?

Global Pulse is developing a 21st Century approach to crisis impact monitoring, by harnessing real time information flows to better understand how populations are coping with global shocks.

Global Pulse functions as an innovation laboratory within which to explore how the latest advances in data science and technology can complement our existing systems for crisis monitoring. Global Pulse’s innovation approach is based on a 3-pronged implementation strategy:

  1. Developing an information ecosystem that integrates existing data with the new digital trails that populations leave behind as they go about their daily lives. Global Pulse will develop a framework for how to detect “digital smoke signals” that may indicate early signs of stress. The new information eco-system will provide decision makers with the real-time evidence they need to protect populations against global shocks and will allow them to target development resources where they are needed most.
  2. Assembling a technology platform to house cutting edge tools for integrating, analyzing and visualizing "new data". Global Pulse will not need to re-invent the wheel. A plethora of new tools exist to collect, filter, integrate, fuse, analyze, map and visualize information.
  3. Establishing a network of country-level Pulse Labs where governments, UN agencies, academia and the private sector collaboratively build the capacity to harness real-time data, novel approaches, and emerging technologies to shape policy decisions for protecting vulnerable populations.