"Data for Development" Session at GSMA Mobile360

(Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) The GSMA's Mobile360 - Africa conference gathers operators, government officials, ICT, finance, NGO and media leaders across Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond to evaluate how we can elevate access across the region with focus on digital inclusion, network coverage and customers' quality of experience. On Tuesday 26 July at 2:30pm there will be a session on "Data for Development" which will explore new findings from initiatives that use mobile operator...


KDD 2016 Workshop on Data Science for Food, Energy and Water

(San Francisco, California) Recognizing the need for orchestrated efforts to address the many interrelated data scientific challenges for the security of Food, Energy and Water, the goal of this workshop will be three-fold: 1. To introduce the emerging area of “data science for food, water and energy (DS-FEW)” to the KDD community; 2. To invite scientists and practitioners in the FEW domains to the KDD community, and...


International Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics

(Dublin, Ireland) In line with the priorities of work and with the urgent needs for support of SDG indicators, the third Global Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics wants to take the next steps in the utilization of Big Data in the production of official statistics, namely by (1) providing guidance for access to proprietary data and for successful partnerships with data owners, by (2) providing training courses on topics such as methodology, IT tools and project management...


Symposium on Big Data and Human Development

(Oxford, United Kingdom) This workshop aims to move forward the debate about the ways in which big data is used, can be used, and should be used in development. The symposium will also serve as a bridge between methodological knowledge about big data, critical academic research on the topic, and the desires of stakeholders and practitioners to achieve key developmental outcomes and goals.

The event will take place on 15 September and 16 September and is being...