13th ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium (WTIS)

(Hiroshima, Japan) WTIS-2015 will bring together ICT ministers, heads of national telecom/ICT regulatory authorities and national statistical offices, heads of international organizations, chief executive officers of private sector companies, and experts from around the world. WTIS-2015 serves as the main international forum to discuss international ICT policy and measurement. Sessions relevant to big data and a data revolution include: ‚Äč "A World That Counts: the role of ICT in...


Big Data and Climate Change: Caring For Climate Business Forum

(Paris, France) As part of the "Data for Climate Action" programme, this session at the Caring for Climate Business Forum taking place at COP21 will feature philanthropy announcements by companies alongside the efforts of governments and the UN system to apply these data to accelerate climate action. The session will also consider challenges in developing such an ecosystem of data use, including data privacy and access, and ways...


New Technologies, Innovative Data Sources: Managing Disasters in Developing Countries - PARIS21 Side Event at COP21

(Paris, France) This PARIS21 event on data for disaster risk management aims at addressing the role of new technologies and the use of innovative sources of data in the management of natural disasters and catastrophic events. To better manage disasters and their impact, governments and the aid community can increasingly rely on new technologies and new sources of data such, including mobile phones, drones, biometric scanners or wearable devices. Yet the increasing abundancy of information...