Global Pulse Briefing of UN General Assembly Being Webcast Live

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The Global Pulse team is briefing the United Nations General Assembly this afternoon at 2:45 pm EST on its Research Projects, Technology Toolkit, country-based Pulse Labs and its plans for the coming year. The briefing will also feature a keynote address by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The briefing is being webcast live at on channel 2.

The briefing will feature the findings of research projects conducted in collaboration with some of the best data-research companies and institutions in the world, including Crimson Hexagon, Jana, PriceStats, SAS and a consortium of French centers and universities led by Complex Systems Institute of Paris Ile-de-France.

The research projects include:

  • Taking a Global Snapshot of Well-being through Mobile Phones. 
  • Tracking Commodity Prices by Monitoring Online Prices. 
  • Mining News for Emerging Trends.
  • Understanding Unemployment through the Lens of Social Media. 
  • Twitter as a Barometer of Food Security Perception. 


The briefing will also highlight Global Pulse’s plans to develop in-country Pulse Labs around the world.

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