2012 Year in Review

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This is an exciting time at Global Pulse! Since the initiative was founded, we have been raising awareness of the opportunities presented by Big Data and investigating the viability of using new and alternative data sources to support development goals. The success of the proof-of-concept research we and our partners undertook over the last two years has allowed us to begin moving the conversation forward. The question is no longer if real-time digital data can complement development but how.

The only way to test innovative ideas and research is through implementation. That is why the backbone of Global Pulse’s strategy is our network of Pulse Labs. To build upon our foundational R&D work at headquarters in New York, we’re thrilled to have launched Pulse Lab Jakarta in October of 2012 and to announce that plans are currently underway to officially staff and open Pulse Lab Kampala in 2013.

Labs provide a space where partners from government, private sector and across the UN system can brainstorm practical challenges, design exploratory research projects, prototype applications and share findings. Global Pulse will work to support the operational adoption of any open-source technology solutions that are developed in Pulse Labs.

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