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Yesterday at the Data for Development Challenge at the NetMob 2013 Conference, we heard from some of the brightest minds in data science, representing a community that is frankly brimming with talent.

At that conference I announced that we are recruiting and I'd like to share that more widely.

Global Pulse is a special initiative of the UN Secretary-General to harness the power of big data & real-time analytics for global development. In fact sometimes we liken ourselves to the R&D lab of the United Nations. Key to our success is the research insight gained and facilitated by our research team.  

Data Scientist vacancy in New York

To grow that team, we are looking for a Data Scientist for our New York Pulse Lab.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the acquisition, analysis and visualization of data from a variety of sources in order to help understand emerging human vulnerabilities to socio-economic shocks, detect patterns that could indicate how people are coping with emerging hardship, and to gather evidence of changes in behavior and perception correlated with public sector policies and programmes. Fascinating stuff.

We’re looking for someone who will use methods such as data mining techniques, machine learning, signal processing, network analysis, natural language processing, anomaly detection, or predictive modeling to create actionable insights from structured and unstructured data – including mobile phone data or social media data . Of course it’s a rapidly expanding field with new big data sets and new methods becoming available all the time, so the candidate will have to be curious and willing to adapt and learn!

So spread the word – apply here – and also send us a copy of your CV and any questions you may have directly at info@globalpulse.org.

Building a brand new team for Pulse Lab Kampala, Uganda

Looking slightly further ahead, we’re in the planning stage of creating a top research team in Kampala, Uganda. The Pulse Lab – opening later this year- will be an innovation hub for real-time monitoring in this exciting East African city. It will also be an open innovation space where policy experts, UN development staff and other partners experiment with new types of data and emerging technologies to enhance both public policy decision-making and community resilience. 

The roles include a Data Scientist similar to the New York post described above. In addition, we’ll be recruiting a Data Engineer to help define, design and build projects harnessing Big Data to address global challenges. The engineer will develop and use software tools to extract, process and analyze data sets from a variety of sources; develop algorithms that can scale to very large data sets, do some classification and data visualization and develop working prototypes and applications for the Global Pulse Technology Toolkit that will be used by UN agencies and partners.

On the leadership side, we will recruit a Manager for Pulse Lab Kampala. As Team Leader, the Lab Manager will have responsibility for the successful implementation of Global Pulse in Uganda. We’ll be looking for someone who can ensure the Lab’s technical approach is cognizant of local realities on both technical and infrastructural environments, and is responsible for forging high-value relationships and building sustainable and effective solutions.

Last but not least, we will be seeking a Research and Partnerships Coordinator. The successful candidate will forge partnerships and lay the groundwork necessary for launching a fully operational Pulse Lab. We want someone who'll will work with the Data Scientist and Global Chief of Research to engage with stakeholders across the UN system, government and private sector to solicit Big Data project ideas, develop scopes of work and project proposals, identify appropriate research partners, and manage the execution and delivery of research project results.

So there we are. Each of those roles will be challenging, rewarding and unique.  While the vacancies are not open yet, we welcome questions and expressions of interest with a CV to: info@unglobalpulse.org with the position included in the subject line.

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