Data Privacy Advisory Group: Call for Nominations

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Global Pulse is establishing a Data Privacy Advisory Group. Comprised of experts from public and private sector, academia and civil society, the Group will engage in a continuous dialogue on critical topics related to privacy and data protection – unearthing precedents, good practices, and strengthening the overall understanding of how privacy protected analysis of big data can contribute to sustainable development and humanitarian action.
While big data represents a new resource with the potential to invigorate development and humanitarian practice, there are significant barriers to unlocking its full value. Privacy risks are a key concern. Some of the concerns relate to the absence of unified legal and ethical frameworks around big data use, responsible and feasible mechanisms around big data access and lack of anonymization standards.
Overcoming these challenges requires the development of guidelines and standards with the active engagement of the global community and the input of experts with diverse background and perspectives.
For this reason, Global Pulse is convening a Data Privacy Advisory Group where its members will share expertise and contribute to the development of Global Pulse's data privacy, data protection and data sharing framework and guidelines, as well as promote broader awareness about the responsible use of big data in the humanitarian and development sectors.
All members of the Advisory Group serve in their personal capacity and on a voluntary basis for one year.
Global Pulse welcomes nominations of experts in privacy and data protection from all parts of the world to join the Group. To suggest potential candidates please complete this online nomination form. Nominations will be now accepted through October 24, 2014.

For more information on Global Pulse’s work related to data protection and privacy in general, please email


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