Establishment of Data Privacy Advisory Group

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As attention to data privacy and protection continues to grow, Global Pulse is pleased to announce the establishment of a Data Privacy Advisory Group, that brings together public and private sector, academia and civil society experts from all parts of the world.

The Group will engage in a dialogue on critical topics, discuss perspectives and offer possible solutions related to data protection and privacy in the context of global development and humanitarian action. The Group will serve as a sounding board to inform Global Pulse’s privacy and data protection strategies. A main objective of the Group will be to propose solutions and create precedents inclusively and transparently and to further enable the responsible use of big data for public good.

Some of the topics to be discussed will include balancing transparency and openness with privacy and security; the risks, harms and rewards of data usage; issues related to data re-use, re-purposing; scope of legitimate purpose; challenges concerning private sector data sharing or data philanthropy; the need to develop mechanisms and standards for secure and responsible data de-identification. The Group will also explore approaches and best practices that mitigate risks associated with privacy in the big data analytics field, while preserving data value for global development policy-planning or humanitarian action.

The constant growth of digital information and the Internet of Things results in new possibilities and threats linked to big data use and misuse. This has been highlighted by the recently adopted UN General Assembly Resolution 68/167 on the Right to Privacy in the Digital Age and the Report of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights. At the same time, the international community is increasingly focused on bringing about a responsible “data revolution” for sustainable development. Global Pulse looks forward to contributing to this dialogue with the support and expertise of the newly established Data Privacy Advisory Group.

A list of the Data Privacy Advisory Group Members can be found here.

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