Global Pulse Annual Report 2014

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When the Global Pulse initiative was launched by the UN Secretary-General in late 2009, its mission to use real-time and other non-traditional data sources in development and humanitarian action was groundbreaking. 2014 was a landmark year for embracing the importance of data analysis in achieving sustainable development. Throughout the year, the "Post-2015 data revolution" agenda was taken-up by public sector, private sector and civil society.

Over the past year, Pulse Labs in New York, Jakarta and Indonesia have supported the growth of a thriving community of practice, redefined the data innovation landscape and demonstrated how real-time data can play a role in supporting decision-makers and shaping public service delivery.  With 25 joint data innovation projects implemented over the year, in partnership with 25 UN & government innovation project partners, 30 private sector collaborators and academics from 26 institutions, Global Pulse is contributing to a body of evidence that demonstrates how big data analysis can complement traditional approaches to development planning and monitoring.

Global Pulse's Annual Report 2014 highlights big data innovation projects carried out over the past year, and new milestones in the evolution of a "big data for development" ecosystem.

You can download the report [PDF] or view it below: 

Image credit: Georgina Smith/UNICEF

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