#HackJak2015: Hacking the Challenges Facing Jakarta

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For the second year in a row, the Jakarta Provincial Government is collaborating with creatives, techies, social innovators and many others to hack the challenges facing the city. #HackJak2015 is live!

The Provincial Government, which administers Indonesia’s largest and most densely populated city, is looking to develop tech-based approaches in education, healthcare, disaster management, tourism, and social empowerment.

The Provincial Government’s Local Working Units have articulated the challenges they face in these sectors in a collection of problem statements. In parallel, focus groups of women have added a fresh perspective to the challenges.

HackJak2015 includes an application development competition – the hackathon – as well as a ‘visualthon’ to create infographics and a ‘scrapathon’ to transform data. A prize pot of 75 million Rupiah awaits the winners, along with access to an incubation programme.

Tracking street food

Connected to one of the challenges identified in the tourism sector, Pulse Lab Jakarta is getting involved in the events by crowdsourcing data on street food vendors (pedagang kaki lima).

We are asking citizens to tweet about their favourite street food stalls using the hashtag #Kaki5JKT

The data will be fed into Jakarta’s smart city platform and will form the basis of apps for tourists and foodies. The crowdsourcing of data on street food vendors also has a series of prizes for participants. So even if you can’t make it to the HackJak competition, you can still get involved in developing digital services in Jakarta by contributing data.

HackJak is only the beginning

The hackathon, visualthon and scrapathon competitions are being held this week. On 10th August 2015, all of the teams will gather at the event venue to present their ideas to the judges.

On 18th August the winners are invited to City Hall to receive their awards from the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama.

But HackJak does not end with the award night. Pulse Lab Jakarta is running the crowdsourcing campaign throughout August and all of the winners from HackJak will enter an incubation programme to develop their apps further.

Follow all the action via the hashtag – #HackJak2015


Pulse Lab Jakarta is grateful for the generous support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Government of Australia.

Top image: The HackJak 2015 launch event [Pulse Lab Jakarta/Oscar Baskoro]

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