Data Privacy Advisory Group: Call for Nominations 2016

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Global Pulse is pleased to open the call for nominations for new members to the Data Privacy Advisory Group. The Group is comprised of independent experts from public and private sector, academia and civil society and engages in a dialogue on critical topics related to privacy and data protection.

Global Pulse welcomes nominations of experts from all parts of the world working in the fields of data privacy and data protection, ethics and information security.

In 2014, Global Pulse established the Data Privacy Advisory Group to inform its privacy and data protection guidelines and strategies. Global Pulse believes that engaging in purposeful discussion with experts and stakeholders with diverse expertise will unearth precedents, good practices and strengthen the overall understanding of how privacy protective analysis of big data can contribute to sustainable development and humanitarian action.

Members of the Group serve in their personal capacity and on a voluntary basis.

To become a member or suggest potential candidates please complete this online form. Self-nominations are accepted. The deadline for receipt of all nominations is Friday 8 April 2016. Note that only selected candidates will be notified by Monday, 16 May 2016.

For more information on Global Pulse’s work related to data protection and privacy in general, please email

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