Winning proposals of the Big Ideas Competition for Asia and the Pacific

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In the last week of June 2016, the winners of the Big Ideas Competition for Sustainable Cities and Urban Communities were announced. The grand prize was awarded to the Queues for Queues project from the Republic of Korea.  Excellence prizes were awarded to three teams from Indonesia, Viet Nam and Malaysia for their innovative ideas of creating more inclusive and safer cities. And nine country prizes were presented to teams from  the Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Lao PDR, Viet Nam, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

In total, teams from nine countries, eight from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)  and one from the Republic of Korea were recognized for their ideas with the total value of prizes going beyond US$ 30,000 to help further develop their projects.

Below is a  quick summary of the winning ideas of this year’s competition:

Grand prize


Proposal titleQueues for Queues (Republic of Korea)

An application to crowdsource information  about queueing in public places to help cut waiting times and increase  the use of public transportation.

Applicants: Hyung Tae Kim and Melody Song

Excellence prizes

1. Proposal titleTUNE Map: Crowdsourcing the Mapping of Accessible Pedestrian Routes for Blind Citizens In Bandung (Indonesia)

An application to crowdsource information from Bandung citizens on accessible pedestrian routes in the city  to assist citizens with visual impairments.

Applicants: Muhammad Malik Ar-Rahiem, Pravitasari, Gita Nofieka Dwijayati


2. Proposal titleRaspberry Pi-based Mobile Tracking for Realtime Crowd Analytics (Malaysia):

A shared real-time crowd analytics using Raspberry Pi-based Mobil Tracking data to address the deficiency of local social and demographics statistics. The data gathered will be publicly shared using open data principles, including with governments, to help enhance decision-making and service-delivery.

Applicant: Arthur Kent Raymond


3. Proposal titleVietnamese Youth Promoting the S-City Application to Create Safe Cities and Communities for Women and Girls (Vietnam)

The S-city application is a social network for citizens to share experiences and to post emergency calls and messages related to safety in public areas.  

Applicants: Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Phương, Nguyễn Nam Khánh, Phan Tiến Dũng  

Country winners


1. Proposal title: Big Transit (The Republic of Korea)

An application recommending transportation means to public transportation riders (bus, car, subway and taxi) in South Korea and providing information to help plan future transportation routes based on citizens’ needs.

Applicants: Min Woo Kim, Sang Min An and Dong Min Han


2. Proposal title: Business Intelligence for Bandung Waste Management (Indonesia)

A platform to transform open data, crowdsourced data obtained through text message reports, and Google Trends into useful information which is displayed as reports, scorecards and excel workbooks. The processed information and visualizations could be used by local government to build better policies regarding waste collection, lug and transportation.

Applicants: Irfan Nasrullah, Andreas Febian Wibowo, Syarifah Jihan Assiry


3. Proposal title: e-Water for Drought Fighting in Cambodia: A Centralized Platform for Water Usage Behaviour and Personal Water Management (Cambodia)

A platform that aims to educate and incentivize citizens to use clean water in a responsible manner  through online publications of clean water usage data in each household and information on using clean water responsibly.   

Applicants: Un Mouy and En Sovann


4. Proposal title: YouPin: Open Platform for Community Reporting (Thailand)

A crowdsourcing platform for community reporting.

Applicants: Klaikong Vaidhyakarn, Arthit Suriyawongkul, Thiti Luang


5. Proposal title: Enhancing Vientiane Public Transport Information and Services to Increase Users through an Innovative, Pleasant, and Connected Bus Station (Lao PDR)

An idea to improve citizens’ experience of waiting for the bus by rearranging bus shelters, improving their design and implementing environmentally friendly technologies based on real-time information.

Applicants: Koraketh and Korakot Tanseri


6. Proposal title: rtHOME: Civic Engagement in Controlling Discharged Water in Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam)

A Mobile-Cloud platform to incentivize the city’s citizens to report pollution spots in canals and rivers throughout the city by taking photos and videos.  

Applicant: Real-Time Analytics Ltd.


7. Proposal title: A Customizable Decision Support Tool using Agent-Based Modeling and Network Science for Disaster Preparedness and Management (Singapore)

An agent-based model (ABM) decision support tool for disaster preparedness and management that simulates and evaluates scenarios related to planning and navigation using geospatial data to evaluate vulnerabilities in specific zones.

Applicants: Erika Fille T. Legara, Ph.D., Christopher P. Monterola, Ph.D., Jesus Felix B. Valenzuela, Ph.D.


8. Proposal title: Disaster Early Warning and Dynamic Evacuation Planning System (DEWDEPS) (Malaysia)

A system that generates individualized, dynamic evacuation routes based on available sensors and app-based crowdsourced data that automatically disperses populations to reduce congestion.

Applicants: Foong Chee Hin, Dr. Loke Kar Seng


9. Proposal title: Building Extraction and Regularization Through Utilization of Distributed Computing (BERTUD) for Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Community Resiliency (the Philippines)

A prototype of a mobile app that maps man-made structures, such as buildings, through crowd sourced information to aid urban planning, disaster risk management, and hazard assessments.

Applicants: Ivan Marc H. Escamos, Allen Roy C. Roberto, Edwin R. Abucay


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