Science for the SDGs: Looking for the First Cohort of Data Fellows

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In today’s world, where opinions are frequently taken as facts, and more often than not there is too much hype without substance, it is more important than ever to back new innovations with scientific evidence.

At Global Pulse, when we select our project portfolio, we choose either high-methodological impact or high-operational impact projects. For the former, we work with experts from Academia and with researchers from the private sector. New scientific methodologies are later developed into tools and applications for high-impact operations. Sometimes, our methodological work also helps set up a research agenda to guide and motivate researchers in the “data for development” community.

Research projects use multiple data sources such as satellite imagery, social media, financial transactions, mobile data or radio streaming; span across technical domains from network analysis to deep learning or to visual analytics; and support sustainable development, humanitarian action and human rights.  

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Apply to Become a Data Fellow

In order to scale our collaboration with Academia, we are looking for data fellows to join our first cohort of UN Volunteers on Scientific Research on Data for Development and Humanitarian Response.

We are looking for candidates who are PhD students and Postdocs working in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, data engineering, HCI, data visualization, computational social sciences, data privacy and ethics or any other relevant topic.

These remote volunteers will collaborate with Global Pulse on methodological projects at the intersection of the initiative’s project portfolio with their own skills and interests.


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