In February 2015, Pulse Lab Jakarta and UNDP announced a call for entries for Data Innovation Mini Grants to help the Government of Indonesia in providing more effective services to its citizens.

In total 56 proposals were received, focusing on the thematic areas of: frontline service delivery, protecting the poor and vulnerable and implementation of the village law in Indonesia. Winners were announced in June 2015 and are listed below:

1. Tracking Vulnerability in Urban Communities

Urban Poor Consortium, an NGO, is working with Peta Jakarta and d-associates architects to develop a socio-spatial database and analytical interface on the vulnerability of the urban poor. Individuals and communities in two kampung in Jakarta, will initially develop and update the database through crowdsourcing.

2. Malaria Rapid Response

The Malaria Centre of South Halmahera District has proposed to test a USSD-based reporting system through which a reminder can be sent to malaria patients to monitor their condition and take medication. The system will also be able to monitor stocks of anti malarial drugs so that supply meets local needs.

3. Early Warning for Waterborne Diseases

The TB-HIV Center Universitas Padjajaran has teamed up with Radboud University Nijmegen and Floodtags to test whether sentiments about water and health on social media and in local news sources can be used for early diagnosis and forecasting of outbreaks of waterborne diseases.

4. UAV-based Mapping for Village Planning and Precision Agriculture

Swandiri Institute in collaboration with Iban Community at Menua Sadap Longhouse in West Kalimantan will capture data on community rice fields with a modified near infrared camera attached to a UAV. The approach intends to provide the community with accurate spatial data on vegetation, helping the community avoid harvest failures.

All the winners were awarded a grant of up to 10,000 USD in order to create a working prototype. They are currently creating and testing the prototype, with support from Pulse Lab Jakarta. More information will be added about the prototypes in the coming months.

Poster with winning entries
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