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The Crisis Insights Team

. for Crisis Response

The Crisis Insights team (CIT) is an initiative of the United Nations Secretary-General established to support UN inter-agency work on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence for crisis response.


The CIT is pursuing the following objectives:

Save lives

Build real-time analytics tools and data visualization products for operational impact.

Accelerate adoption

Support development of policies and guidelines for responsible and ethical use of technology.

Maximize learning

Document, distill, and disseminate best practices and lessons learned from data analytics.

Scope of Activities: Covid-19 Pandemic

Support efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and forge pathways to recovery once the crisis has passed.

1. Analytics Development for the Health Emergency

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2. Managing Infodemics


3. Social Impact

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4. AI & Data Governance

Crisis Insights Team 3

5. Recovery and Resilience

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Data-Driven Projects

We've been conducting research to scale high-impact data science to respond to the pandemic.
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Get involved

The CIT is working within the UN System, with UN entities and Member States, and with private sector, civil society and academic partners.

How to work with us

Let’s join forces to save lives and protect livelihoods, accelerate adoption of new technologies and insights, and maximize learning.

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UN Agencies

Help shape the CIT Analytics Toolkit and benefit from one another’s expertise, data, and technology tools; contribute to policy recommendations. 

Contribute to joint funding efforts and second staff to the team. 

Member States

Support the Secretary-General’s Data Strategy, Strategy on New Technologies, Innovation Agenda, and Reform. 

Provide funding to the CIT and its work to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Companies and Academia

Be a champion of change. Work with the UN System for prosperity, people, and the planet. 

Lend your unique resources in the form of  data, tools, and skills to develop products and scale proven AI technologies for the public good.


Strategic collaborations and partnerships are at the centre of the Crisis Insights Team

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