2017 Annual Report – Pulse Lab Jakarta


This year marked the end of the initial five-year phase of Pulse Lab Jakarta. One of the biggest highlights of the year was the increased adoption of our data tools and methods by our partners, especially within the public sector. The year has also seen a marked change in our engagement with our government counterparts – each collaborative research project that we do builds a stronger trust-based relationship, resulting in genuine dialogue on how new data sources and advanced data analytics can best inform priority policy issues.

At the end of this first phase of Pulse Lab Jakarta we moved from a supply-driven posture to being more demand-driven, and this has been underscored by the fact that we received 31 research project proposals alone from one Indonesian ministry in 2017 to include in our 2018 research plan. Although we maintain our independent exploratory research, much of our work has morphed into collaborative projects with partners who can scale up and implement the methods, data products, and data tools that we develop together.

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