Catalyzing a Responsible Big Data for Development Ecosystem – Progress Report


This report summarizes the 2015-2016 activities of Pulse Lab Kampala under Track 2 of UN Global Pulse’s strategy: Ecosystem Catalyst. During the reporting period, Pulse Lab Kampala worked to build a community of practice in Africa by bringing together UN agencies, academia, private sector and regulators to coordinate and drive action. In addition, the Lab worked to channel stakeholder attention towards emerging and high priority topics (such as ‘data privacy and data protection’ and ‘data philanthropy,’) and to share knowledge and drive research in the region and at country level through conferences, workshops and data innovation events. This report summarizes the activities of the Lab to i) develop data privacy and protection frameworks, ii) support big data for official statistics, iii) strengthen the innovation ecosystem, and iv) promote partnerships and encourage a growing community of practice.

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