From Urban Data Collection to Urban Design – A Guide to Participatory Approaches


Taking a participatory approach means involving citizens or the public in the process. In urban data collection, this could mean getting citizens to actively gather the data that is needed or to decide what types of data should be collected. In urban design, it could mean soliciting people’s views on a design scheme or plan, or designing and building together with residents. The toolkits presented in this guide are collated from the work of various practitioners in the fields of participatory urban data collection and participatory urban design. It aims to provide a broad overview of the range of toolkits that are available around the globe. This includes information on key steps and methods, as well as where you can go or who you can contact to learn more. The guide is not an instructional manual or step-by-step blueprint for facilitating participatory approaches, nor does it provide a definitive compendium for all the toolkits that exist.

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