Future of Data Sharing and Reuse for Uganda


This report accounts for the 3-day “Future of Data sharing and reuse for Uganda workshop” held at the Jinja Nile Resort Hotel from the 17th to 19th of October 2022. This workshop was organized by the Ugandan Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, UN Global Pulse (UNGP) Kampala, and UNGP Finland, who convened 60 participants with representation from the government, private sector, civil society, development partners, the UN, and academia.

The workshop aimed to create a shared vision to address challenges in the Ugandan data ecosystem characterized by fragmentation as most data exists in silos; low data culture; lack of common standards; and lack of trust. The workshop aimed to identify practical actions and collaborations to advance data sharing and reuse in Uganda. The workshop employed the ‘futures and foresight’ methodology using three case studies: data for cities, tourism, and migration. These case studies helped the participants to explore and understand the current data ecosystem by creating data flows maps, mapping drivers, and vision.

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