The 6th Research Dive on Urban & Regional Development – Technical Report


On 25-28 March 2018, twelve academics and researchers from across Indonesia, along with members from Pulse Lab Jakarta’s team took part in the Lab’s sixth edition of Research Dive for Development. The participants were divided into four research teams, each tasked with taking on a specific aspect of urban and regional development and assigned a dataset. Specifically, the tasks included: (1) Designing regional development policy, by analysing social events, news media data and its network based on GDELT (a global news media monitoring platform); (2) Assessing the accessibility to (emergency) health facilities in Sumatra, by analysing different datasets including transportation infrastructure distribution and health facility locations; (3) Monitoring water access for water supply infrastructure planning, by analysing several datasets including municipal waterworks customer distribution data; and (4) Inferring energy consumption towards urban development, by combining data on social media activity density and socio-economics statistics. This technical report outlines the findings from the research.

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