2017 Annual Report – UN Global Pulse


In 2017, UN Global Pulse pursued opportunities to scale and replicate proven solutions, and to establish frameworks for responsible data privacy and ethical innovation. This report presents examples of data-driven solutions that Global Pulse tested and developed with partners in 2017, and outlines activities the Pulse Labs engaged in to enable a thriving data innovation environment. Throughout the year, Global Pulse implemented over 20 innovation projects and tools, adding to the growing body of evidence of practical examples of data innovation for sustainable development and humanitarian action. The initiative spearheaded efforts to foster an enabling environment for data innovation. Global Pulse worked with international experts to develop data privacy and data ethics frameworks and risk management tools for responsible use of data. In parallel, Global Pulse raised awareness of the value of data innovation by hosting several high-impact events. Finally, to support public sector understanding and adoption of data innovation, Global Pulse and its Pulse Labs held over 25 workshops, presented in 60 regional and international events, and engaged with 130 organizations from the UN, academia, and private sector through over 450 briefings and brainstorming sessions.

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