UN Open GIS: Geo-AI Working Group. First Consultation Call Report.


The UN Open GIS Initiative, established in March 2016, is an ongoing Partnership Initiative for Technology in Peacekeeping of the United Nations Department of Operational Support (DOS). In 2020 the UN Open GIS Initiative actively addressed the increased need for applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in geospatial work by establishing a fifth working group – the Geo-AI Working Group. The Group’s objective is to experiment with and integrate AI technology into the wider UN Open GIS Initiative’s workflow, and research, development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence technologies for the United Nations operations. 

The consultation call on Friday, September 11th 2020, was one of the first activities of the Geo-AI working group. The event connected United Nations colleagues with wider geospatial actors from academia and industry to gauge where our collaborative efforts should be focused to provide the most benefit. 

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