Urban Vulnerability Mapping Toolkit


This toolkit provides the methodology for focusing the data-gathering power of existing communities, increasing their capacity to work together and building awareness of the potential of the data created by this work. Pulse Lab Jakarta provided a grant to the Urban Poor Consortium (UPC) to conduct a two-month project from July–September 2015, entitled Mapping Vulnerability in Urban Communities. The Urban Poor Consortium together with Peta Jakarta and d-associates architects formed a partnership to pilot a community-led data collection approach in two kampung (communities) in North Jakarta. In the context of the Sustainable Development Goals, the key result of this project is the development of local approach to community empowerment through collaborative data collection and mapping of urban communities. Sustainable Development Goal 11 on making cities and human settlement inclusive, safe, resilient could be informed by this approach. The toolkit aims to help citizens identify and articulate their own problems using the supplementing data in their communities.

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