Due Diligence Tools

UN Global Pulse has developed a two-part Due Diligence Tool for Working with Prospective Technology Partners.

The tool is part of the risk assessment process adopted by UN Global Pulse for prospective collaborations with technology and data partners. It was updated following the issuance of the UNDG Guidance Note on Big Data for the 2030 Agenda: Data Privacy, Ethics and Protection and the UN Principles on Personal Data Protection and Privacy.

It consists of two parts:

A. Due Diligence Checklist for Prospective Technology Partners. This step is to be filled out by the UN organization ( e.g. UN Global Pulse in this case) and encourages research about corporate and social nature of the prospective partner, including their data related practices, prior to any commitment to collaborate.
B. Due Diligence Questionnaire for Prospective Technology Partners. This step is intended to be filled out by the prospective partner prior to any commitment to collaborate.

This tool is part of the self-compliance mechanism for assessing the social and corporate behaviour of a prospective partner.It differs from a vetting mechanism typically used for other non-technology parties as it takes into account data related practices, including those related to privacy and data protection as well as digital ethics.

It is designed as a general example for internal self-regulation. As the two-step mechanism offers only minimum guidance, its users are encouraged to expand the list depending on their needs, new risks, or specific context, or in response to the evolving data landscape.

If possible, a consultation with a diverse team of experts, and/or use of comprehensive due diligence platforms or record keeping databases should be included in the process of review or completion of the exercise.