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Strategic partners and collaborators, at global, regional and country-level, are a key component for joint innovation at the Pulse Labs. They allow us to foster the enabling environment needed for the success of big data and AI research and advocacy.


UN Global Pulse works to create new partnership structures that can ensure big data and artificial intelligence benefit all people. Our partnerships include scoping out and developing mechanisms to support achievement of the SDGs, and engagement to create frameworks and standards for the use of big data. UN Global Pulse and partners also organize workshops and training sessions and produce knowledge sharing products to enable broader public adoption of big data and AI for the public good.

Partners can collaborate with UN Global Pulse and its network of Pulse Labs in the following ways:

Data philanthropy: Sharing data sets or providing access to streaming data to support Pulse Labs’ public research.

Technology: Sharing tools for data mining, real-time analytics and data visualization, or sharing storage and computing capabilities.

Expertise: Making engineers, data scientists or researchers available to collaborate on specific projects or events that support the UN.

Sponsorship: Providing funding to support UN Global Pulse’s ongoing efforts to leverage big data and AI for the public good.


UN Global Pulse is funded entirely through voluntary contributions from UN member states, foundations and the private sector. UN Global Pulse is a multi-year project that requires continuous fundraising from a broad range of stakeholders. Expressions of interest are welcome from donors who would like to provide funding to help expand and accelerate our work.


If your company or organization would like to discuss collaboration, partnership or sponsorship opportunities, contact us at any time.

Our Donors

UN Global Pulse is grateful for the generous support of donors across the network of Pulse Labs.

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