Thoughts and ideas from the data science team

If you ask any of the data scientists in our Pulse Labs in New York, Jakarta or Kampala "What are you doing?" you always get a fascinating reply.

Whether it's exploring digital signals related to volcanic eruptions in Indonesia, predictors of Non Communicable Diseases using online chat about unhealthy habits, or monitoring emerging issues related to HIV/AIDS in Kampala based on public conversation, there's a wealth of activity that we think others would find interesting too. The UN Global Pulse team will use this space to post informal blogs about what they are grappling with, highlight others' exciting work and reach out to people innovating in the same space. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Through the doors of Pulse Lab Kampala

Viola Paulynn Akuma, Project Associate, Pulse Lab Kampala Oct 3, 2018

Monday morning Jan 3, 2014, was my first day at work at Pulse Lab Kampala. I had read about the Lab just being set up as part of UN efforts to advance sustainable development with big...

Snapshots From Our Recent Data Innovation Clinic

Pulse Lab Jakarta Aug 6, 2018

As part of the recent big data for monitoring and evaluation workshop organised by ...

Life in the Field: Reflecting on Our Fintech Research Project Methods

Pulse Lab Jakarta May 23, 2018

Continuous learning is a necessary part of being a field researcher, and over the years we...

How We Define Impact for our Data Innovation Lab

Pulse Lab Jakarta and Mark Fiorello (Solidaritas) May 7, 2018

One question that keeps us on our toes is: How do we measure the impact of what we do at our data innovation lab? It’s a big question and one in which we have...

What it means to be a Language Analyst with Pulse Lab Kampala

Jonathan Mukiibi and Annette Akimanzi Dec 20, 2017

An interview with Jonathan Mukiibi, Language Analyst at Pulse Lab Kampala and his work with the Radio Content Analysis tool.

1.    What is your...

Exploring insights from new data sources to support the SDGs

Paula Hidalgo Sanchis Oct 12, 2017

In this article, Paula Hidalgo-Sanchis, Manager of Pulse Lab Kampala, highlights a few of the new data exploration projects the Lab has of late embarked on together with UN partners.