Thoughts and ideas from the data science team

If you ask any of the data scientists in our Pulse Labs in New York, Jakarta or Kampala "What are you doing?" you always get a fascinating reply.

Whether it's exploring digital signals related to volcanic eruptions in Indonesia, predictors of Non Communicable Diseases using online chat about unhealthy habits, or monitoring emerging issues related to HIV/AIDS in Kampala based on public conversation, there's a wealth of activity that we think others would find interesting too. The UN Global Pulse team will use this space to post informal blogs about what they are grappling with, highlight others' exciting work and reach out to people innovating in the same space. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Blending Human and Machine Intelligence During Crises

Pulse Lab Jakarta Aug 10, 2017

How does a public disaster management unit begin to identify and structure useful information from online sources, and more importantly begin to understand the true scope of...

Inferring Jakarta Commuting Statistics from Twitter

by Pulse Lab Jakarta May 30, 2017

Some estimates for Greater Jakarta put the population at over 30 million. Within the boundaries of the city itself the...

Data Visualization Workshop: Thinking visually about data

By Jennifer Sun May 15, 2017

Jennifer is one of the new interns here at Global Pulse working as part of our data science team, specifically on...

FAQs on Translator Gator Pilot 2

Yulistina Riyadi May 9, 2017

What is Translator Gator?

Translator Gator is a web-based online game where players are asked to translate keywords related to development and humanitarian action into their...

Image Mining for Disaster Management

Dikara Alkarisya and Zakiya Pramestri Nov 10, 2016

Pulse Lab Jakarta is hosting a ‘Research Dive’ from 13th to 16th November in Jakarta, bringing together...

Imagining a Data Empowered Village

Diastika Rahwidiati & George Hodge Oct 28, 2016

“For a long time now I have been concerned about the function of data… because we do not use the data we have. We only compile and collect data, we never analyse it” - Head...