Thoughts and ideas from the data science team

If you ask any of the data scientists in our Pulse Labs in New York, Jakarta or Kampala "What are you doing?" you always get a fascinating reply.

Whether it's exploring digital signals related to volcanic eruptions in Indonesia, predictors of Non Communicable Diseases using online chat about unhealthy habits, or monitoring emerging issues related to HIV/AIDS in Kampala based on public conversation, there's a wealth of activity that we think others would find interesting too. The UN Global Pulse team will use this space to post informal blogs about what they are grappling with, highlight others' exciting work and reach out to people innovating in the same space. Comments and suggestions welcome.

The Era of Big Data for Official Statistics

Derval Usher Sep 30, 2016

Pulse Lab Jakarta recently had the privilege of representing the Pulse Lab network in showcasing practical applications of big data to national statistical offices from...

Reconnecting the State with its Citizens: From Talk to Action

By Kautsar Anggakara, Mellyana Frederika & Diastika Rahwidiati Jun 3, 2016

Bandung City Government invited Pulse Lab Jakarta to collaborate in hosting the Bandung Innovation Jam. Below, we...

Fostering young talent: meet four bright minds working at the Pulse Lab in Uganda

By Pulse Lab Kampala May 23, 2016

Global Pulse advances and encourages innovation and knowledge sharing and is constantly looking to collaborate with young, talented individuals capable of unlocking the hidden value from big data...

FAQs on the Big Ideas Competition

Yulistina Riyadi May 2, 2016

What is the theme of the competition?

The competition is looking for data-driven solutions to advance Sustainable Development Goal 11: make cities and human settlements...

Celebrating a Decade of Twitter - One of the Largest Platforms for Big Data

René Clausen Nielsen Mar 25, 2016
On 21 March, Twitter celebrated its 10-year anniversary. And, as it's been one of the central data sources here at...

#Kaki5JKT: Mapping the Street Food Scene in Jakarta

Mellyana Frederika and Daniel Oscar Baskoro Mar 14, 2016

Following on from the #HackJak Hackathon 2015, Pulse Lab Jakarta recently handed over the methodology...