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Pulse Lab Jakarta is a joint data innovation facility of the United Nations (Global Pulse) and the Government of Indonesia (via the Ministry of National Development Planning, Bappenas). The Lab employs a mixed-method approach, through which it harnesses alternative data sources and advanced data analytics methods to obtain actionable insights and applies human-centered design to ground-truth insights from its data analysis and research, providing evidence to inform policy makers.

Research and Policy Impact

In consultation with the Government of Indonesia and the United Nations Country Team, PLJ identifies various national development priorities for applied research. The projects are multidisciplinary with an emphasis on creating innovative pathways towards inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Using datasets drawn from mobile communications, remote sensing, and social media, among others, the Lab has generated insights for policy and practice on topics ranging from fuel subsidies to natural disasters. Across our research projects, many of which are delivered alongside partners from the UN and government, the Lab relies on the expertise of its team of data scientists, data engineers, statisticians, policy specialists and ethnographers.

Become A Pulse Lab Partner

Pulse Lab Jakarta is keen on forming partnerships with companies and organisations within the region and beyond to collaborate on research. Partnerships may be established by:

  • Becoming a data philanthropy partner and share your data for analysis.
  • Becoming a research partner and work on a project with PLJ.
  • Becoming a technology partner and build prototypes and/or test new tools.
  • Presenting a big data analysis tool or method at a training session or workshop.
  • Sponsoring a fellow to join the Pulse Lab and work on data visualisation, data analysis, GIS mapping, and/or software development.
  • Providing funding, or in-kind, support for PLJ’s work.

If your organisation is interested in collaborating with Pulse Lab Jakarta, please contact the team at plj@un.or.id

Read Our Latest Annual Report

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Pulse Lab Jakarta Annual Report 2019

2019 has been a year of transition for Pulse Lab Jakarta (PLJ). Since its establishment in 2012, PLJ has effectively undertaken three main functions: (i) Forging and Leveraging Strategic Partnerships, (ii) Identifying and Combining New Data Sources, and (iii) Contributing to Global and Regional Research Agendas. Taking stock of what has been accomplished, it is exciting

News, thoughts and ideas about big data and AI, data privacy and ethics from the lab in Jakarta. Read posts from the whole network on the blog.

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Expanding the Definition of Scaling Up

The “pilot to scale-up model” is a widely used approach when introducing social interventions or new policies. The premise of the model is very logical

Below you can find our eight latest examples of our collaborative research, prototypes and experiments, where we analyse digital data to advance global development, support humanitarian action, and promote peace. For more, go to the research projects page.

Below you can find the newest digital tools and microsites from Pulse Lab Jakarta. For more, go to the microsites & tools page.

The Jakarta Team

Aaron Situmorang

Research Coordinator

Alfian Maulana Latief

Visual Information Designer

Angga Gumilar

Project Assistant

Anissa Zahara

Data Engineer

Anthony Mockler

Data Scientist

Atik Widyastuti

Administrative Associate

Bangkit Permana

Interaction Designer

Desi Vicianna

Government Partnership Coordinator

Dharani Dhar Burra

Visiting Scientist

Dwayne Carruthers

Communication Manager

Faizal Thamrin

Humanitarian Data Advisor

Femmy Soemantri

Partnerships and Advocacy Lead

George Hodge

Programme Specialist

Kiana Puti Aisha

Research Assistant

Maesy Angelina

Social Systems Lead

Muhammad Rheza

Full Stack Engineer

Muhammad Rizal Khaefi

Junior Data Scientist

Muhammad Robbi Nugraha

Web Application Engineer

Petrarca Karetji


Rajius Idzalika

Junior Data Scientist

Rio Susanto

Office Assistant

Rivandra Royono

Performance & Strategy Advisor

Rizqi Ashfina

Research Assistant

Sriganesh Lokanathan

Data Innovation & Policy Lead

Utami Diah Kusumawati

Research Coordinator

Verena Riyaningsih

Administrative Associate

Vitasari Anggraeni

Partnerships Officer

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