High-Level Meeting on the Establishment of Pulse Lab Jakarta

Nov 30, 2011
 On 19 November, 2011 United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon met with Indonesia’s Minister for National Development Planning, Dr. Armida S. Alisjahbana and other Government... Read More

Exploring the Ecosystem for Pulse Lab Kampala

May 25, 2011
Sitting at the regularly jam-packed Mobile Monday events here in Kampala it’s always astounding to see how vibrant the technology scene is in Uganda. The group that meets almost every month... Read More

Laying the Groundwork for Pulse Lab Kampala

May 12, 2011
For the past five months, UN Global Pulse has had a team of two Innovation Officers on the ground in Uganda.  The team has been working closely with the Global Pulse staff in New York to lay the... Read More

Robert Kirkpatrick discussing the role of Pulse Labs

Nov 24, 2010
The Global Pulse Initiative recognizes that using local innovation is key to the success of Global Pulse. That is why it is launching a lab-based approach to technology innovation, both at UN... Read More

Global Pulse Labs: Building Innovation Hubs at the Country Level

Nov 9, 2010
In an increasingly interdependent and fast-changing world where crises emerge without warning, speed around the world and impact vulnerable populations in complex and long-lasting ways, leaders need... Read More