Advisory Group on the Governance of Data and AI: Call for Nominations 2019 / 2020

UN Global Pulse
Oct 17, 2019

UN Global Pulse is pleased to open the call for nominations for new members to the Advisory Group on the Governance of Data and AI, the deadline for which is 5 November 2019

In 2014 UN Global Pulse established an informal Data Privacy Advisory Group comprising private sector, academia and civil society experts to inform its privacy and data protection guidelines and strategies. 

Last year, the UN Secretary-General's Strategy on New Technologies has called for the responsible adoption of AI and other frontier technologies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. In addition, the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation has underlined “the urgent need to examine how time-honoured human rights frameworks and conventions should guide digital cooperation and digital technology” calling for “society-wide conversations about the boundaries, norms and shared aspirations for the uses of digital technologies, including complicated issues like privacy, human agency and security in order to achieve inclusive and equitable outcomes.” 

In response, in 2019 UN Global Pulse expanded the Group to incorporate greater expertise in AI Ethics, with the goal of informing the UN’s work and related AI Ethics guidelines and strategies. The Group has therefore been renamed the UN Global Pulse Advisory Group on the Governance of Data and AI to reflect its current scope.

Global Pulse believes that engaging in purposeful discussion with experts and stakeholders with diverse expertise will unearth precedents, good practices, and strengthen the overall understanding of how privacy-protected and ethical use of data and AI can contribute to sustainable development, humanitarian action, and peace.

Members of the Group serve in their personal capacity and on a voluntary basis for approximately a one-year term, with the possibility of renewal, subject to terms established in the Terms of Reference. See Terms of Reference for more information. Self-nominations are accepted.

To become a member or suggest potential candidates please complete this online form. Self-nominations are accepted.

For more information on Global Pulse’s work related to data protection and privacy in general, please email