Global Pulse Annual Report 2015

Felicia Vacarelu
Jun 15, 2016

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) bring a unique opportunity to mainstream understanding and adoption of big data for development. Since its inception in 2009, Global Pulse has been innovating and advocating around opportunities and challenges related to transforming new sources of digital data into better outcomes for vulnerable communities, discovering new approaches, building tools, and working to demonstrate ways to overcome barriers to adoption and scale.

In 2015, Global Pulse continued to increase the scale and pace of its work, directing efforts towards transitioning from case studies and proofs of concept to implementation on the ground. The network of Pulse Labs in UN headquarters (New York), Indonesia and Uganda completed more than 15 joint data innovation projects, and initiated five new projects, all in collaboration with over a dozen UN agencies and development partners. The projects were complemented by a set of 12 big data tools developed together with a wide range of partners and collaborators.

This report summarizes the achievements of Global Pulse in 2015 and provides 
a glimpse into longer-term prospects and priorities in the field of big data for development and humanitarian action.

You can download the report [PDF] or view it below: