MISK-OSGEY Youth Forum

(New York, USA) UN Global Pulse will conduct a session titled "Uncovering the Unexpected: Online Content for Our Information Experiences."  

Introducing non-conventional big data sources, including social media data and Call Detail Records (CDRs), this session will explore a set of use cases that Global Pulse has developed to inform...

Partnering for Progress: How Real-time Social Data Advances the SDGs

(New York, USA) To boost institutional agility and accelerate achievement of the SDGs, shared value partnerships are foundational to success. 

UN Global Pulse, Dataminr and Twitter are hosting an evening of conversations and real-world examples of technology and innovation that are having a positive impact. 

If you are working at the intersection of innovation, technology, and social impact, write to us at events@unglobalpulse....


Global Data Commons (3rd workshop)

(New York, USA) Following constructive workshops in Dubai (World Government Summit) and Geneva (AI for Good) the 3rd GDC Workshop is taking place in New York during UNGA. This third workshop will be hosted by The Future Society, AI Commons, UN Global Pulse and McKinsey’s Noble Intelligence.

The Global Data Commons aims to deploy AI to help achieve the SDGs. The objective of this workshop is to define reference cases and solutions and move the conversation forward....