Support Global Pulse

Partnership with public and private sector partners and academia is central to the success of Global Pulse’s vision to leverage Big Data as a resource for sustainable development. 

Global Pulse is funded through voluntary contributions from UN Member States, foundations and the private sector. Past and current donors to the initiative include the Governments of Australia, Denmark, Indonesia, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Project support has also been provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation. 
Since its establishment, the Global Pulse initiative has also benefited from many hours of expertise generously invested by its UN system partners, including UNDP, UNICEF, WFP and the UN's Department for Public Information.
Global Pulse is a multi-year project that requires continuous fundraising from a broad range of stakeholders. Expressions of expression of interest are welcome from donors who would like to provide funding to help expand and accelerate the work of Global Pulse.
Strategic partners and collaborators, at both the global and country-level, are a key component for joint innovation in the Pulse Labs, and to foster the enabling environment needed for the success of “Big Data for Development” research and advocacy more broadly. 
Partners can collaborate with Global Pulse and its network of Pulse Labs in the following ways:
  • Data philanthropy: Sharing data sets or providing access to streaming data to support Pulse Labs’ public research into areas such as unemployment, food security, urban poverty, migration, public health and climate change. Global Pulse has robust practices concerning data protection and privacy and works with organisations to ensure that administrative and technical safeguards are in place.
  • Technology: Sharing tools for data mining, real-time analytics and data visualization, or sharing storage and computing capabilities
  • Expertise: Making engineers, data scientists or researchers available to collaborate on specific projects or events that support the UN, public sector, and international development organisations
  • Sponsorship: Providing funding to support Global Pulse’s ongoing efforts to transform Big Data into a public good


If your company or organization would like to discuss collaboration, partnership or sponsorship opportunities, contact info[at]unglobalpulse[dot]org.


As Global Pulse is a multi-disciplinary initiative with a broad network of supporters and stakeholders, to maximize impact and avoid duplication of efforts, Global Pulse has two advisory mechanisms. Global Pulse has established a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) comprised of more than 15 UN agency representatives to ensure that its work adds value to ongoing UN agency monitoring efforts. The TAG meets at strategic moments to advise the Global Pulse Team on priorities and implementation. 

To ensure that the Global Pulse initiative closely and transparently engages with Member States, a Friends of Global Pulse Group has been established in New York. Members include representatives from the following countries: Australia, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Brazil, Croatia, Egypt, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malawi, Mexico, Senegal, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda and the United Kingdom.