UN Privacy Policy Group

The UN Privacy Policy Group (UN PPG) is an inter-agency group co-chaired by UN Global Pulse and the UN Office of Information and Communications Technology (UN OICT), established in September 2016. The UN PPG’s primary objectives are to:
  • Facilitate dialogue & knowledge sharing on data privacy and protection within the UN
  • Unite efforts on data privacy and data protection across the UN
  • Build capacity and ensure responsible data handling for achieving the SDGs

As one of its most significant contributions, starting at the beginning of 2017, the UN PPG worked to develop the Principles on Personal Data Protection and Privacy. These Principles set out a basic framework for the privacy protective processing of data at the UN and were formally adopted by the UN System Organizations in October 2018.

The UN PPG meets several times a year and is comprised of privacy, information security and legal experts from over 30 UN entities. For a list of all UN PPG members, click here.

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