Taking the Post-2015 Pulse of Davos

Jennifer Poole
Jan 23, 2014

Global Pulse in partnership with the Millennium Campaign is already using data analysis to filter millions of public tweets and map them against Post-2015 priority topics, to show which are being talked about the most. We wanted to see how these conversations compare to 2014 Davos-related tweets that also touch upon Post-2015 themes.

The resulting data visualization takes the Post-2015 pulse of Davos. This facilitates direct comparison between Twitter conversations around Davos and general Twitter conversations, when considering 16 different Post-2015 topics. The left hand side of the chart below is generated by any tweet that touches upon the 16 Post-2015 topics, whereas the right-hand side shows tweets that touch upon a Post-2015 theme and mention Davos or #WEF14. By filtering all tweets sent each day, in real-time and using a taxonomy of 25,000 keywords, the process identifies 300,000 relevant tweets per day. View the data visualization full screen.