Data Privacy

UN Data Privacy

Global Pulse is a United Nations innovation initiative that explores how new, digital data sources and real-time analytics technologies can provide a better understanding of changes in human well-being and emerging vulnerabilities. However, legitimate concerns about privacy and data protection present challenges to harnessing Big Data sets for public benefit.

Global Pulse’s Approach to Data Privacy

Global Pulse respects and values individuals’ privacy and protecting it forms the cornerstone of our work.

In consultation with privacy experts, Global Pulse has developed a set of Privacy Principles.

Global Pulse has established a Data Privacy Advisory Group comprised of experts from public and private sector, academia and civil society, as a forum to engage in a continuous dialogue on critical topics related to data protection and privacy with the objective of unearthing precedents, good practices, and strengthen the overall understanding of how privacy protected analysis of big data can contribute to sustainable development and humanitarian action.

Global Pulse is also working with a network of experts and collaborators to conduct research on, and develop models for, the safe and responsible use of big data. To get involved with Global Pulse’s Data Privacy & Protection work, please write to: