Crowdsourcing Taxonomies to Inform Development and Humanitarian Action

Pulse Lab Jakarta

Project Description

Pulse Lab Jakarta launched Translator Gator in 2016, a language game to create text mining dictionaries for recognizing sustainable development-related conversations across ASEAN countries.

In 2017, the Lab released Translator Gator 2 to test whether crowdsourcing can be used to inform disaster management efforts.

In 2018, Pulse Lab Jakarta released all the data that was crowdsourced online. Totalling almost 1.5 million gaming activities performed by nearly 4,000 registered players, the complete dataset is available on 



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Below you can find our latest examples of our collaborative research, prototypes and experiments, where we analyse digital data to advance global development, support humanitarian action, and promote peace. For more, go to the research projects page.

Pulse Lab Jakarta

Nowcasting Air Quality Using Twitter

In some communities in Indonesia, real-time air quality information is not available, which is crucial for improving response efforts in regions affected by air pollution.

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