UN Open GIS Initiative: Geo-AI Working Group

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Project Description

UN Global Pulse has joined the UN Open GIS Initiative as co-chair of a newly formed Geo-AI Working Group alongside the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). UN Open GIS is an ongoing Partnership Initiative for Technology in Peacekeeping of the United Nations Department of Operational Support (UN DOS),

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent in the field of Computer Vision, and the UN is actively seeking ways in which this technology can be leveraged for its operations. Geospatial operations can be an obvious beneficiary of AI applications and the Geo-AI Working Group has been established to help reap the AI gains for the UN.

The Geo-AI Working Group will research, elaborate and adopt innovations, best practices, and recommendations to:

  • Ensure efforts to advance AI technologies in the field of geospatial information will benefit the United Nations Field Operations and the United Nations at large;
  • Research AI applications and methodologies that can support geospatial analysis, including image interpretation;
  • Promote interoperability between opensource AI and GIS frameworks;
  • Enhance and develop opensource standards and tools for the wider AI and GIS communities;
  • Keep relevant information flowing between Geo-AI and other UN Open GIS working groups;
  • Promote the ethical use of AI for GIS.

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