White Paper: Big Data for Development: Opportunities & Challenges (2012)

Global Pulse White Paper “Big Data for Development: Opportunities & Challenges” (published May 2012) aims to highlight the opportunity, as well as some of the main concerns and challenges, raised by utilizing new, digital data sources in the field of international development, as concretely and openly as possible, and to suggest some ways forward.

The report is structured to foster dialogue around some of the following issues:

  • What types of new, digital data sources are potentially useful to the field of international development?
  • What kind of analytical tools, methodologies for analyzing Big Data have already been tried and tested by academia and the private sector, which could have utility for the public sector?
  • What challenges are posed by the potential of using digital data sources (Big Data) in development work?
  • What are some specific applications of Big Data in the field of global development?
  • How can we chart a way forward?


How to cite this paper:

UN Global Pulse (May 2012) Big Data for Development: Challenges and Opportunities.

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