Feasibility Study: Scoping of Vulnerability Definitions (2011)


LAB: New York

As part of the Global Pulse initiative's design and development phase, UNU-EHS prepared a series of expert studies to help the project gain a better understanding of how different communities of practice use the term "vulnerability". As part of the research, UNU-EHS analyzed 76 definitions of vulnerability used by UN agencies, NGOs, scientific organisations and academia. In addition, the Institute's researchers scanned through 68 reports to draw out key lessons for the development of vulnerability indicator sets. The studies also include an extensive list of sector-specific indicators used by UN and non-UN organisations. 

The UNU-EHS contribution provides an important starting point for the Global Pulse Initiative's analytical work, in particular the development of a cross-sectoral analytical framework to better measure the real-time impacts and potentially changing vulnerabilities caused by global compound shocks.