Improving transport planning through real time data analytics

PARTNERS: Jakarta Smart City

PROGRAMME AREA: Real-time Evaluation

LAB: Pulse Lab Jakarta

DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY: UN Global Pulse, ‘Using Big Data Analytics for Improved Public Transport,’ Project Series, no. 25, 2017 [PDF]


Jakarta is well-known for its traffic jams, which, among other effects, prolong commutes and complicate the scheduling of public transport. In an effort to improve the timing of busses, the Jakarta Government is looking to big data analytics for insights.

The Smart City team within the Jakarta Government and Pulse Lab Jakarta are collaborating to explore real-time bus location data, service demand data, and real-time traffic information. In its first phase of implementation, the study is focussing on two aspects, (1) mapping locations with abnormal traffic behaviours and (2) understanding how customer demand responds to traffic dynamics. The insights from this first phase will be used to improve the services of TransJakarta busses. The project aims to enhance transport planning and operational decision-making within the Jakarta Government through real-time data analytics.

STATUS: Ongoing