Mapping Mobile Phone-Based Data Collection Projects (2011)


PROGRAMME AREA: Real-time Evaluation

LAB: New York

The use of mobile phones for quick-time data collection is proliferating around the world. To get a better understanding of the scale and scope of these new data collection efforts, the Global Pulse initiative partnered with, a global network of people using mobile technology for social change, to conduct a survey of present and planned mobile data collection efforts. The survey results will help identify new, quick-time data sources that could be valuable to the Global Pulse initiative as sources of structured data (that can be used within a statistical framework to detect early impacts and changing vulnerabilities) or unstructured/semi-structured data (that could be fed into text mining engines for detection of events and patterns of interest). 

The first findings of the global survey have been compiled in an inventory. The inventory is a living document that will be regularly updated as the Global Pulse Team becomes aware of new projects. If you are managing a mobile data collection project and you would like to have it featured in the inventory, please contact us. 

The inventory is posted in a Google Spreadsheet here: