Using Call Detail Records to Understand Refugee Integration in Turkey

PROGRAMME AREA: Humanitarian Action

LAB: Pulse Lab New York 


For this project, UN Global Pulse, UNHCR Innovation, and the UNHCR country team in Turkey analysed anonymized Call Detail Records (CDRs) provided by telecom operator Turk Telecom to understand refugee integration in Turkey, which is one of the main solutions recognised by UNHCR.

Integration is a complex and gradual legal, economic, social, and cultural process that burdens both the settling population and the receiving society.

While the nature of this process generally differs from country to country, UNHCR acknowledges a need for standardised indicators that can be used to compare integration across countries and regions, and to assess the success of various efforts.

The research aimed to contribute a methodological framework for measuring integration through the lens of spatial and social segregation using CDR data, and for assessing the impact of programmes like the Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) cash transfer programme.

The findings are included in an online report that can be accessed here

STATUS: Ongoing