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How do I become a Data Scientist?

I often get asked by people who are coming to the end of their Masters degree or PhD, or who are looking to change career direction; '"How can I become


Emerging Research at Pulse Lab Kampala

Pulse Lab Kampala -like the other labs in New York and Jakarta – operates as a data innovation lab to bring together experts from the public sector, academia and private

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Anatomy of a Pulse Lab

Global Pulse’s network of Pulse Labs serve as regional hubs for big data Research & Development (R&D): developing public sector capacity for utilizing digital data sources and real-time analysis techniques

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Global Pulse Update Presentation at UN Headquarters

Global Pulse recently hosted an information session for United Nations colleagues to discuss and demonstrate the opportunities presented by Big Data and real-time analysis for global development and humanitarian efforts. 


Data Philanthropy: Where Are We Now?

The conversation around Data Philanthropy – a term which describes a new form of partnership in which private sector companies share data for public benefit – has advanced on four distinct but

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