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Reflections on UNFPA’s Big Data Bootcamp

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), recently convened a group of staff interested in big data. UNFPA is traditionally one of the more data-driven entities of the UN, and in his statement (pdf)


Interview: Telecom Italia’s Big Data Challenge

Telecom Italia's "Big Data Challenge" was an online call for developers, researchers and designers from all over the world to come up with new big data services and applications. Telecom


Emerging Research at Pulse Lab Kampala

Pulse Lab Kampala -like the other labs in New York and Jakarta – operates as a data innovation lab to bring together experts from the public sector, academia and private


Taking the Post-2015 Pulse of Davos

Global Pulse in partnership with the Millennium Campaign is already using data analysis to filter millions of public tweets and map them against Post-2015 priority topics, to show which are being talked


Happy to announce we are recruiting

Yesterday at the Data for Development Challenge at the NetMob 2013 Conference, we heard from some of the brightest minds in data science, representing a community that is frankly brimming with


Data Diving in Washington DC

130 volunteers from the DataKind network, several experts from international organizations and the team from Global Pulse swarmed the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC last month to take part in

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