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Adapting to Data-Driven Diplomacy with Machine Learning

Advanced data analytics approaches are now offering digital solutions to transform how foreign ministries carry out diplomacy. Manually analysing large volumes of text from documents to extract meaningful information is

Expanding the Definition of Scaling Up

The “pilot to scale-up model” is a widely used approach when introducing social interventions or new policies. The premise of the model is very logical — considering there is an


Reflections on UNFPA’s Big Data Bootcamp

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), recently convened a group of staff interested in big data. UNFPA is traditionally one of the more data-driven entities of the UN, and in his statement (pdf)


Information Seeking Behavior

Global Pulse is looking for signals that could be used as proxy indicators for collective changes in human behaviors in response to the early impacts of crises. In addition to

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